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Port Aransas Gulf Fishing- Woody’s This place is definitely a great way to experience gulf fishing. I wish that I could report that I caught “the big one” but another guy had a few inches on me and well that’s that. The best thing about this particular excursion is that if you did catch a fish that is”edible” then you could take your catch back and they would cook it up for you at the restaurant for a minimal fee. Unfortunately the one that I caught was not an intestine friendly fish but well there’s always next time right? If you are looking for a way to polish you’re fishing skills or if like me you have never been fishing in the Gulf, I would definitely recommend that you check them out. By the way yes it is family friendly including little ones too.

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Aero Precision Giveaway

rencontre n c So you gals and guys know by now that I am a sucker for a good giveaway but for this one stop what you are doing right now, wait first finish reading this, and enter. All you have to do is sign up to receive their newsletter(very bottom of the right hand side of the below link). Okay now to go and drool some more over their products.

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