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30 Round PMAG

indonesian pv dating 5.56 x 45

gibt es kostenlose flirt portale Made In USA

cuartos para solteros pucallpa Average cost is $17.95 a MAG

how many people in san antonio use an online dating site Pro’s – Has a round counter on side of MAG next to the window

rencontre amoureuse pour ado de 14 ans – Picture image to guide the newbies how to properly face the ammo when loading in the MAG

get more – Easy to disassemble, can push the pin with your fingernail

pop over to this site – Lots of accessories available

– Can find just about anywhere


– Have to physically turn the gun to see the round counter

– Not the easiest to load due to “crispiness” very stiff

– Not the easiest to unload due to “crispiness” very stiff

– Round counter is barely visible


30 Round PMAG

30 Round PMAG

30 Round PMAG











For more information on PMAG visit their website at: Magpul 30 Round PMAG

H3 MAG by Hera Arms

5.56 x 45

Made in Germany

Cost: Average $12.99 per MAGPro’s


– Can physically view your ammo specifically caliber size from the window to ensure that it is loaded properly (we have all seen those videos of 300 blackout being used in 556 uppers)

– Can visually look down and see the round counter

– Picture image to guide the newbies how to properly face the ammo when loading in the clip

– Very easy to load

– Very easy to unload

– Available in black, tan, and green

– Holds 30 rounds


– Limited Suppliers

– If you like all of the accessories that you can get with a PMAG, you are not going to find the accessories (i. e.dust covers, ranger plate)

– Disassembly can be cumbersome due to the push pin component. You have to use the tip of the bullet to remove the pin


Hera H3MAG

Hera H3MAG

Hera H3MAG Disassembled view











For more information on Hera Arms, visit their website at: Hera Arms