Ikea LED Hand Powered Flashlight(Red)

I give this flashlight an A +. The positives definitely out weigh the negatives. My favorite about this particular product is the price point($4.99) and the ease of use(can be used by my two year old).

Check out the specs below!

The only draw backs are that it is a little noisy when winding and I would like the light source duration to be a bit longer but all in all great product for everyone in the household!

We keep one in every vehicle and several in the house, great to have on hand for any emergency!

– $4.99 each

– 17 cm length 6.5 cm diameter

– Winds about 20-30 times to provide approximately 1 1/2 minutes of light

– Built in LED light source

– LED lifetime estimated at 20,000 hours

– Recommended for 3 years and older

– Plastic with aluminum coating


Ikea LED Hand Powered Flashlight(Red)     Ikea LED Hand Powered Flashlight(Red)

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