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Howdy Ya’ll and Welcome!ärzte-19125/ Thank you for taking the time to visit my page.

best gay dating site newport beach somewhat I look forward to sharing my thoughts and what not’s with you on a wide range of prepping, survival, and hunting items. My blog is unique in that I am female and well you’ve guessed it I love prepping, surviving, and hunting! Also, my family and I reside in the city because of our careers which is the case for many of my followers. Don’t let the confines of the city prevent you from learning the skills of survival(another quality that makes my blog so unique).

south holland gay dating free My reviews are from a woman’s point of view which will not only be beneficial to the ladies but also for men whom may be on the lookout for that gift for someone special!

dating gay santa cruz california Just a little bit about myself.

ubeskyttet samleie rett før mensen svensk amatør sex I am a Texan through and through. I was born and raised in this great state and honestly I cannot imagine living any where else.

I was blessed enough to be brought up in a great close knit family including my dad and mom who taught us everything that we need to know about prepping, surviving, and hunting.

I first learned how to shoot a bow and arrow as a young child and I have been in love with the country life style ever since then.

I am in my thirties and I am married to the most wonderful husband who also shares the same passions. We have a young son and will also teach him about the necessity of prepping, surviving, and hunting at a young age.

If you have any suggestions or anything in particular that you would like for me to test out, please let me know.

Also, please share with your friends, the more the merrier.